Introduction Class – 75 minutes (All Levels)

If you are new to yoga or simply want a more in-depth breakdown of the poses, this is a great introduction to the 101 class, with an emphasis on the basics of hot yoga, breathing and alignment. Relaxed and informal with Q&A opportunities.

101 Class – 90 minutes (All Levels) ONLY ON TUESDAYS at 5:45pm

Drawing inspiration from Bikram, Jimmy Barkan and Tony Sanchez, this class follows a sequence of postures that never changes. Specifically designed for students to build confidence and body awareness, the 101 series allows participants to gain a better understanding of how the postures work while continually challenging them as their practice progresses. Fat reduction is inevitable when practiced 3-5 times a week.

Fusion 75 – 75 minutes (All Levels)

Add a little variety to your practice with Yoga Fusion! This class includes most of the postures in the 101 sequence, adds popular poses from other yoga practices and fuses them together. Variations will be offered for students who are ready to explore and playfully deepen their personal practice. Each fusion class will be unique without straying too far from the basics.

Fusion 65 – 65 minutes (All Levels)

This is a 65 minute version of the “Fusion” class.

Classic 101 65 or 75 minutes (All Levels)

This 65 or 75 minute class is inspired by the Bikram and Tony Sanchez sequences for hot yoga. It includes the classic 26 poses of the Bikram series with a few changes. Some poses will be one set while others will include two sets. This is a great class for those beginning their yoga practice and students with shoulder or knee problems.

Silent Class – 75 minutes

This is a great class for any student who is familiar with the 101 series (attended at least 5 classes). Led by an instructor with minimal verbal instruction, the Silent class follows the 101 and Fusion series and allows students to focus inwardly during their practice in a very quiet and peaceful environment. PLEASE NOTE: NEW STUDENTS WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO TAKE THIS CLASS AS IT CAN BE DISRUPTIVE TO THE OTHER PRACTITIONERS AND BREAKS THE INTEGRITY OF THE “SILENT” CLASS.

Flow with the Yogi – 75 minutes (Intermediate to Advanced)

Similar to the Fusion 75 class except the instructor will join you on her/his mat. No hands on alignment so beginners are encouraged to try 5-10 Fusion classes before attending this class.

Core Power Fusion Flow -65 Minutes

This powerful cardiovascular class focuses on building whole body strength and flexibility. This class is heated and props or weights may be used .

Yoga Sculpt – 60 minutes  (All Levels) NON-HEATED

This NEW class is one hour long and done in Studio B, our non-heated room.   Yoga Sculpt combines high energy, low impact, body weight resistance, a flowing series of yoga postures, and muscle building strength exercises used in athletic conditioning. You will be provided with Nubell technology – an innovation in dumbbell technology that uses the concept of balance to equally distribute weight and reduce joint and tension torque. 

“Give Back” Class – 65 minutes (All Levels)

This is a FREE (donation based) fusion class for any level practitioner. Every month the monetary donations or items collected will be donated to the charity of the month.


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