Unlimited Packages
$69   One Month Introductory Rate*
$107   Unlimited Monthly

Class Passes

$59     New Student 10 Class Pass*
$18     Single Class Pass
$80     5 Class Pass**
$150   10 Class Pass**
$280  20 Class Pass**

Student Class Series (Full-Time College Student)
$15       Single Class Pass
$65       5 Class Pass**
$125     10 Class Pass**
$240   20 Class Pass**
$86     Student unlimited monthly

“Traveling Yogi” Special

If you are just visiting Evansville or the surrounding area please take advantage of our “Traveling Yogi” discount! It is ONLY $35 for 10 straight days of yoga. If you attend more than one class in those 10 days you have already saved money. Ask the instructor for more information when you arrive at Yoga-101 during your visit to the Tri-State.

Corporate Discounts

We offer corporate discounts to those who work for the EVSC and University of Evansville. If you work for either of these companies you will only pay $89.00 for monthly unlimited packages when you set up auto-debit. If you are interested in setting your company up with a corporate discount all you have to do is get 4 or more co-workers to sign up for auto-debit along with you. For more information ask an instructor or email us.

Equipment Fees
Yoga Mat        $3.00 per visit (FREE first visit)
Hand Towel   $3.00 per visit (FREE first visit)
Large Towel   $3.00 per visit (FREE first visit)
Water              $1.00 per bottle

*New students or returning students who have not attended class in the past year.
** All class passes expire after 6 months.

Click the Schedule tab to create your own profile and pre-register for classes. Pre-registration is not necessary and will not guarantee you a spot in class. Please show up on time!