We Need You!

Saturday, September 23rd


The Yoga 101 instructors are taking part in an adjustment workshop and we need clients who are willing to be adjusted. The only requirements are that you can commit to the two hours and be willing to have hands on adjustments. Space is limited and there are only a few spaces left. Sign up today at the studio’s front desk.


Yin Yoga Class

Starting April 9th the Sunday Yoga Glow class from 4:30-5:35 will become Yin Yoga. This breath centric class focuses on floor based passive poses and extended holds, to deeply and gently open the joints, muscles and fascia.  Each pose is held for 2-5 minutes to allow a deeper opening of the physical body.  Students will have the chance to learn more behind the purpose and history of poses as well as a greater understanding of yogic practices.

 Advanced Practice Class

New Day and Time for the Advanced Practice Class Starting in September!

The new day and time will be Sundays 11:00-12:15 starting September 10th

This is a free class to all yoga teachers and students who are interested in the practice of yoga that takes us beyond the asana level of regular studio classes to help us hold the edge of discipline, focus, and clarity that comes when we are fully challenged. Sign up online or just show up!


 New name … same GREAT class!

NuPower is now Yoga Sculpt

         Wednesdays 5:45-6:45pm    

                                                   Thursdays 12:00-1:00pm                                                  

    Saturdays 11:30am-12:30pm

Whether you attend yoga classes to tone your mind, body or spirit, Yoga Sculpt is a fun new way of experiencing your practice. This class combines high energy, low impact, body weight resistance, a flowing series of yoga postures, and muscle building strength exercises used in athletic conditioning. You will be provided with Nubell technology – an innovation in dumbbell technology that uses the concept of balance to equally distribute weight and reduce joint and tension torque.

Yoga Sculpt classes are included in your class package or passes or you can pay our drop in price of $18 per class. Yoga Sculpt classes are non heated.


                   Get 12 FREE class passes when you Auto Debit your monthly unlimited Package!

First, you will get a 5% discount making the cost of your month only $94.05.  Then,  you get 12 FREE class Passes as well to give out to family members, Friends, co-workers and neighbors! Yoga 101 will debit your account on the same day each month and you will never owe for classes again! Ask about Auto-Debit the next time you are at the studio.

Yoga-101 offers Corporate Discounts

Clients who work for the EVSC or  the University of Evansville get a corporate discount. If you work for any of these companies you will only pay $79.00 for monthly unlimited packages when you set up auto-debit. If you don’t work for any of these companies and are interested in setting your company up with a corporate discount all you have to do is get 4 or more co-workers to sign up for auto-debit along with you. For more information ask an instructor or contact us through this website.